A Pivot Point is a crucial moment, decision, or juncture that acts as a turning point or pivotal moment of change, transition, or reorientation.

Pivot points are often used metaphorically to describe a significant shift in direction or focus.

The term “pivot points” is used in various domains and industries, each with its own context and meaning. Some common areas where the term is used include:

Finance and Trading

In financial markets, pivot points refer to key levels or price levels derived from previous trading sessions’ high, low, and closing prices. Traders use pivot points as indicators to identify potential support and resistance levels, as well as to gauge market sentiment and trends.

Business Strategy

In business, pivot points refer to strategic decisions or adjustments made by companies to adapt to changing market conditions, customer preferences, or technological advancements. A business might pivot its product offerings, target market, or business model to better align with emerging opportunities or challenges.

Sports and Fitness

In sports and fitness, pivot points often refer to pivotal moments or turning points during a game, match, or training session. Athletes and coaches analyse these moments to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, with the goal of enhancing performance and achieving success.

Engineering and Mechanics
In engineering and mechanics, pivot points denote points of rotation or articulation within mechanical systems, such as hinges, joints, or pivots. Engineers and designers consider pivot points when designing and analysing structures, machinery, and mechanical components.


Navigation and Orientation

In navigation and orientation, pivot points may refer to geographic landmarks, reference points, or waypoints used to determine direction, plot routes, or navigate unfamiliar terrain. Pivot points assist travellers and explorers in maintaining orientation and reaching their destinations efficiently.


In psychology and personal development, a pivot point signifies a pivotal moment with the power to ignite profound change in a person’s beliefs, actions, or life direction. This moment of clarity, revelation, or decision marks the point at which an individual consciously chooses to adapt, grow, or embark on a new path in response to obstacles or possibilities.

Therapy sessions offer an opportunity to gain new perspectives on challenges, reevaluate what draws you towards change, and identify barriers that may stand in your way.